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At The Movies: Constantine

Generally, I love dark movies with the whole religious twist (a la “The Order”). This movie had an awesome beginning sequence (think “Final Destination”), then transcends into this good vs. evil monotony that attempts to be deep. It ain’t that deep, really. Granted, John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is the typical anti-hero: damned, chain-smoking, seen-death-and-it-loves-him cynic. He is full of over-the-top cliches, some appropriate and quite a few not. The girl cop, Angela (Rachel Weisz), I found to be cute. At several points, she thinks she’s going to kiss Constantine and her face gets all prepped for it. It’s hilarious when it doesn’t come.

The saving grace of this movie has to be the religious fighting gear, Poppa Midnight (the neutral party in the fight against good and evil and his nightclub/bar) and the music. Nice hard trance and rock music made it a good listen. ALSO (and how could I forget!), the cool people in the movie were Lucifer — yes we get to see the great bad guy himself — and Gabriel. Oh Gabriel… such charisma and BALLS. The comic relief, and his role was majorly understated and loopholed, was Constantine’s sidekick Chaz. Funny, knowledgable about the craft and willing to jump in and kick butt. He was just WAY underused in the movie. It reminded me of the sidekick in “Van Helsing”, but even HE got good time on the screen.

The special effects were what I would expect from a movie of this nature. Scenes from hell, however, WERE something noteworthy. It was an interesting depiction of hell (reminded me of “The Matrix”) — the alter ego of Earth.

My rating (out of 5 stars): 3 stars. Entertaining, good music and some charismatic characters make for a good action movie. Over the top cliches, too much deepness and underuse of Chaz brought it down. It was way too much like the Matrix for my taste (instead of Keanu being clueless like in the first Matrix, he was all-knowing and rude and cynical to boot in Constantine) and, sorry to say this now, but I was not impressed with the ending. *shrug*