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Men and Women

One of my favorite Japanese shows to watch, although it is a little on the old side, is “Sakura”. It’s the story about a young Japanese-American woman from Hawaii going to teach English in Japan for a year. She has a plethora of experiences, learning about how the real Japan is like, which is very different from what goes on in her own home in Hawaii. Her parents are more like Americans than traditional Japanese!

Anyway, there is an episode that I’m watching right now where they’re having a discussion about men and women. I HAD to replicate it here because it is so good. The principal of Sakura’s school invited them to his home and they discovered that he has a wonderful cooking talent and is THE kindest and sweetest thing to his wife. Here is what he had to say:

“My wife is my treasure. The person you’ll spend the rest of your life with is surely a treasure. I always wondered if women aren’t the earth. Men are the plants and trees that lay their roots in the earth. Without women, in other words, without the earth, men cannot grow… That’s where they get their nourishment. That’s why men need to treat women with care.”

One of the teachers divorced his wife because of an incident that happened with him, his ex-wife and his mother, so he has a very bleak picture of what a relationship really is and feels that men are the ones that run the world and women can’t compete with men.

The principal brings up a good point by saying, “Who is it that gave men the courage to do that (run the world)?” Rhetorical of course.

It gets even more interesting. Sakura makes a good point: there aren’t many men and women, but there’s plenty of fathers and mothers. In other words, the lively relationship that exists between people outside of being fathers and mothers doesn’t exist in Japan, at least in her point of view.

The principal says, “In order to change that, we have to treasure our women more. It’s not that difficult and in fact it’s very natural. No matter how you look at it, men are the stronger sex, whether it’s brawn or the size of our bodies. So why shouldn’t men look after women, the weaker sex? It’s shameful for the strong to wield their power over the weak. Because of their strength, men should give way to the women. That shows how magnanimous and resourceful men are.”

This is a good episode. I may keep it on TiVo for a while. 🙂