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Cleaning House — Financially

With everything that had been going on with me recently, I’ve been a little behind in updating my financial state. Of course, as is no secret to anyone, I have quite a bit of debt, but I consider it manageable. The key to debt is keeping it at a reasonable level. Granted, I myself may have passed that threshold of reasonable recently, but I know this and am making adjustments to my budget accordingly. This means that things will be tighter than a gecko’s peehole in terms of money being spent.

Actually now that I think about it, most of the money I spent was either on clothing (since my wardrobe SUCKS) and fixing up the apartment. Things have come to a grind here because of the construction they are doing outside. It causes a lot of dust to come onto my hardwood floors. I was thinking of lacquering the floor, but I refuse to do so while this roof works is being done. And they have to fix my window because they cracked windows because of it.

Otherwise, I’m having a dandy time. It’s back to work tomorrow! This is going to be a BIG year for my office. And its going to be very busy. I better make my travel plans NOW and get those squared away before it gets too hectic.