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Catching Up…

I did some rather cool things this weekend! Actually, I took Friday off to finish up some things in my house for the housewarming that was today. More on that momentarily….

So, I got to go to IKEA on short notice Friday morning and the guy I got off of Craigslist was really good and prompt! Cheap too considering I bought two armchairs, a table, a long mirror and other miscellaneous stuff. So I had to put this stuff together and it was interesting how the house turned out. Granted I have a LOT of stuff to go through still, but I have a very clear look of what it is going to be when it is completely finalized. I’ll take some pics to show it off later on.

AND Friday, I went out on a date… we went to see a surprise Broadway play! ^_^ That was very exciting and unexpected. He really surprised me with that one. We saw “Moving Out”, the Billy Joel inspired musical. We ended up being in the front row, the literal first row of the theater. Sounds good, but we were butting up against the stage AND every time a performer came up to the edge and swiveled around in a turn, their sweat splashed the first two rows! It was like being at Sea World! LOL. But luckily, only the girls in the middle of the row got splashed; we didn’t. Afterward, we went out for drinks and he created this evil version of a LIIT for me. It tasted good, but I was instantly lit up. Geez, I’m glad he was there to take me home! *laughs* But it was a good night, I had a great time. It’s nice to do the cultural thing with someone that appreciates that sort of stuff. Even some of my friends don’t dig that type of outing, so it’s refreshing.

Today is the Advanced course graduation, so I’m gonna be heading out momentarily. But Laurie, Jack and Val came over to see the place. That was VERY nice of them to come out! They really liked it. Actually, I ran out this morning really early and bought the shoji screen and some slippers and stringable lantern lights at Pearl River. Took a cab up from Chinatown ($30 ride up to Inwood), but got here in plenty of time to buy flowers, set everything up, cook stuff and put things away.

All in all, it’s been very productive and unbelievable! I didn’t think I would get the screen in time, but I did. And it actually looks nice. It ALL looks nice. I’m infatuated with it. 🙂

Oh well. So I’m going to get ready and head out. That’s it for this weekend! Well, there’s a few hours left.. *wink*