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Housewarming Date!

I moved to my new place on Saturday. So far I’ve had rave reviews about the place! It really is quite nice. It’ll be even NICER when I’m through fixing it up and getting it exactly the way I’d like it. My intention is to have it looking Japanese-ish in some ways, but very modern in others. There’s only so much I can change in the place (I AM only renting after all — I don’t own the apartment), but I can really make some major improvements to it, I think. I might as well make it look nice while I’m there.

So I’m having a housewarming at the end of January. That’ll give me enough time to take care of cleaning up, buying what I need, making it look perty. 😀

I’m really excited about it! Sorry I haven’t had much time to talk about it, but I’ve been very busy. Between PD, work and everything else, I’m surprised I had time to move! LOL. Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m in for a late night tonight. <3