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Ain’t Too Proud To Beg…

As you can clearly see in the subject line, this is what it looks like. I’m moving again! “Normally” I would just kinda figure out things on my own and somehow (by the grace of God somehow!) work it all out. But heck no I’m not gonna stress myself out like that this time. I’m asking for HELP!

I’ve asked several people already to help me with packing and moving. So far it looks like Thursday, December 16th is going to be packing day and Saturday, December 18th is going to be moving day. SO FAR. That is what I anticipate. There’s a TON of things going on around me that I have to be at in some capacity. Like on Sunday the 19th, I’m doing volunteer work for the Girls’ Vacation Fund ( for their holiday party from 9am to 2pm. Saturday is another whole PD thing, so I’ll be busy in the evening after everything gets unloaded in the apartment. I’ll probably sleep by my mom’s house instead that weekend. ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s busy! But I know it can be done, I have confidence in that! Either way, I ALSO wanted to post my x-mas wish list (which I NEVER do), but I wanted to this year and see what happens:

— CASH is always preferable! (Trust me, it’ll go to pay my bills.)
— A 4 panel shoji screen like this one:
— Gift cards/certificates/codes for clothing type thingys (Newport News, H&M, etc.)
— A mineral salt bath at the spa (my skin is screaming for this!)
— Someone to help pay for my class at Japan Society in late January!
— A practical step ladder (don’t laugh)
— A new digital camera (already taken care of!)

I think that’s it! Oh, MOST IMPORTANTLY… this current apartment needs to be sold by January 1! Talk about a stretch… grr. But I’m hoping that giving some of the agents I met an opportunity to sell this place up, it might be a good way to get it sold quick, ESPECIALLY if the place is vacated. ๐Ÿ™‚ Truth be told, I’d rather move stuff that Friday instead, but we’ll see. I’ve got crap at my mom’s house I have to get too! Yikes! I may wait another weekend to take care of that. ๐Ÿ˜› All my books and the bookcase… my shipping supplies, etc etc. It’ll be VERY useful, I think, to have those things at hand. Can get back into my eBay sales again.:) I can certainly use the cash.

That’s it for now. Got a LOT of work to do before the month is out, but I’ve got a lot of support. It’ll happen somehow!