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What is Sexy?

The curious question of the day…

What is YOUR definition of sexy?

For me, I originally identified it with what kind of clothes you wore. It was something borderline slutty (and I mean borderline). But now I’ve been giving it some thought that maybe it isn’t so much in what you wear but in how you hold yourself and how you show up to others. You could be confident and that could be sexy. You could look cute in what you’re wearing and still look sexy. You could be conservatively dressed and still be sexy.

It’s strange cause I never really thought it about it that way before. I’m the ultra practical chick — 10 minutes TOPS in the bathroom, no makeup wearing and just straightforward living. I can’t dig the 30 minute rush to get your makeup on and your hair looking pristine and cute. It isn’t practical for me and actually doesn’t work for me to live like that. I like the fact that my skin pretty clear and “flawless”; I’d rather keep it that way than to wear makeup that will clog my pores.

My idea of sexy is wearing a pair of flattering slacks, a stylish blouse and my hair up in a bun on my head — clothes-wise. Or even wearing a pair of jeans and a turtleneck… but it’s “jishin” (confidence) that is sexy for me. When you’re confident, it radiates from you and attracts others to you. Very sexy. Se-ku-shii… 😀 That’s my take.