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This Sexy Thing!

It’s amazing how much effort I put into not being physically noticed! I mean, I just kinda don’t want to pull any attention to me and just want to do my thing. This sexy thing they put me up to is a daily trial for me. Some people do it effortlessly it seems; me, not happening.

I speak about this because I read a book last night (didn’t finish it until 2:45am) called Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie and it was an interesting book. The female character was a little overweight but it was a major thing in the book. The whole dieting, Atkins, no carbs crap that she put herself through because she refused to see the beauty that she was… until the main guy came along and snapped her out of it. I thought it very interesting and reflective of what I am doing. I’m not overweight (ask me that question 6 months ago and I’d have a different answer), but just the same, being plain is alright to me. But I’m plain because I’m comfortable with it and it doesn’t call attention to myself. It’s simple.

The whole makeup, dress up like a doll, looking cute and sexy thing… *shudder* What a trial this is….