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I would like to start off with how I’m feeling. Physically, I’m tired, short on sleep, feet are killing me and plenty thirsty. But you know what?

I FEEL GREAT!! =^_^= (meow!)

Tonight was very much a renewal for me and the feeling I got was inspiration and amazement. It’s strange — I got home tired as hell and all I wanted to do was pick up my computer and write. So here I am starting with my journal. I find that being with my group is a constant source of inspiration and empowerment. I love them. 🙂 And it just makes me want to be with other people in my life that I love tremendously.

Tomorrow, I get to relax for a little bit and then back to it. There is work to be done and I’m more than up for it because I can, dammit! 😀

And in other notable news, my friend Danielle is pregnant!! Again!! LOL. She is so funny. I’m gonna call her in the morning and have a chat with her about THIS one.