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Essentials of Relationship

This is a very important message that I wanted to make sure I put down somewhere. My relationship with Percell and all that I learned about myself in my work at PD has given me the exact things I want in a relationship. And they are…

* I want to feel like I am on a team where we are working toward a goal. There should be no separation, no me or you, just US.
* I want to experience trust, true connection, commitment, love, friendship, faith, kindness, generosity, honesty, excitement, intimate attraction, sharing and happiness.
* I want to have a fun, amazing experiences! I also want to have some mutual interests that create unity and connection.
* I want to be able to grow with my significant other, grow together with them.

I get to create all of these things I want in relationships, so I am definitely willing to put in the 100% effort and desire in order for it come to fruition. That is the one lesson I have learned and taken to heart. It really IS up to me.