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Election Hoopla

It is admirable that many people in our nation have decided to step out and vote, some for the first time ever. Of course, the media is having a field day, however cautious they are from what happened 4 years ago. Everything is “too close to call” and so it should be until they have conclusive results.

So what would be the results? Well, let’s see. We know what political and financial state the United States is currently in. We are still at war and many people are dying every day from both sides of the fight. Financials are still struggling, unemployment is still considerably higher. One could argue that there’s bound to be a turnaround somewhere. Personally, I am uncertain as to either candidate’s viability in the office of President, both Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry. They both have the capability of being good leaders and to an extent have shown it throughout their political career in some way or another. The question I ponder is whether they are looking out for the good of the American people and not caving in to the “agendas” of their parties. Perhaps such is my idealistic view of how government should be run — then again I think money is just another means of separating people from one another and enhances already bloated egos. I’m all about the credit system, like what you see in sci-fi shows. Voting in troves gives a more accurate indication of how the American people think about our leadership and the country in general. Agenda-driven leadership will not benefit anyone from either side of the fence and will only perpetuate the existing stigma of political life. There has to be some shift in how these people that run our nation approach the issues. I pray that something positive comes from this election. Really I do.