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Black Friday & Recap of Yesterday

This year is very different to me in terms of the holiday sesason. I hadn’t really celebrated Christmas since my grandmother passed away back in 1999. I did the presents thing, but the feeling wasn’t there. But this year is very different and I’m actually rather excited about the whole thing. I’ll get to spend time with my family and be in touch with them, have a real holiday. It should be lots of fun.

Today, I’m getting my Christmas letters/cards together and I’ll have them done by the end of the day. I’m not trying to hear the gift buying JUST yet. Days like today, Black Friday, are just overkill! There are lots of deals this weekend for sure, but today isn’t the day for me to shop. Besides, I’ve gotta make the list of people I’m getting stuff for.

Yesterday was a nice day. I visited my mom at work and cooked up a nice lunch for her and a couple of her co-workers. Then I visited Danielle’s mom’s house and saw all of her family for the first time in months. Man, it was good seeing them. After that, I went by RJ’s house and had a very generous meal with him and his family. Lastly, late in the night, I went by Percell’s mom’s house. It was late, but I went anyway. The day was more Thanksgivingy than my birthday. It didn’t really occur to me anything about my birthday really; I just wanted to see everyone!

I got clear about a few things I had been mulling over for a few days and I feel a LOT better for it. 😀 Actually, I feel like a weight has been taken off me and I’m free to move around again. I’m grateful for RJ’s advice.