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What’s To Tell?

It’s been damned busy `round these parts! 😀 *weak Texan accent* And you know what? It’s great! I’m very excited about the things I am doing for myself, as well as the things my LP team are out to creating for themselves. It is an amazing and magical time for all of us.

I acknowledge that I haven’t been available to everyone as much as I have liked. It is something I intend to make a change with, but I will need your support and love for that to happen. It’s on me to reach out and I’d like you to be there to accept it. A lot of time demands are on me for the foreseeable future, but I will not make it an excuse to not be there. I will always be there. 😀 Any hour of any day.

(It’s a good thing I changed phone plans, isn’t it? Hehe.)

Anyway, I’ve got some things to take care of before I head to bed. Hope everyone’s okay! Give me a shout, alright? ^_^