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Standing Up For Those Who Cannot

There was a lesson to be learned from tonight’s encounter. My mother and I were in the car, preparing to make a left turn onto Willoughby Street for the house. A man in an electric wheelchair came around the corner on the street and turned onto Willoughby and suddenly his chair stopped moving. His cane fell onto the street and there he was stuck in the middle of the street while three cars were preparing to turn.

The first car maneuvered his way around the old man and kept on trucking. The second car seemed to glance the man’s way, seeing his difficulty, but as if to say, “it’s not my problem”, they kept on truckin too. The third car was us. We pulled along side him and asked him what was up and he said it seemed like his chair shorted out and just suddenly stopped moving. So I told him I was going to pull over. We did and I got out to get his cane and I saw him there with his little dachshund in his lap. His chair wouldn’t start up again, so I ended up pushing his unexpectedly heavy electric chair down the block. He told me he didn’t have anyone he could call to make sure he got home alright and that it was just him and his dog. My mom parked the car while I pushed him, and I pushed him to the rail along side LIU. He said that he would be okay there and was sure it would kick in again shortly. We asked him a couple times, but he insisted he would be okay.

The thing about this story is that there were two sets of strapping young men that could have helped, but they completely glossed over it and decided to do nothing. Nothing. People are so consumed with their own lives that it’s almost like nothing else exists out of their sphere of existence. This disturbs me greatly and hurts that an elderly man lives alone and has no one to call out to if he needs help. No one! *shakes head* So, the lesson I learned today is to keep your eyes open, don’t gloss over what may be going on and don’t be afraid to help. It is more powerful to give of yourself to others and they can take away the feeling that the world can be a caring place where there is genuine compassion for others. And that is one thing: I would not leave my mother alone in her old age. Never. Parents support their children through everything when raising them… children should return the favor out of love and compassion.