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Some Things Are Good To Know

Last night I got to speak with my mom about a topic I thought I could never broach with her: my father. For years it seemed like it was some sort of secret, like I wasn’t supposed to know about him. The thing is, I could have asked her about him at any time. I was just afraid that I would bring back painful or troubling emotions from the time. That completely wasn’t the case! Oh, you should have seen the look on my mom’s face when she talked about my father. She lit up and was smiling and laughing! I got her take on what happened at the beginning of their relationship and how she felt about it. I was so happy to hear that from my mom that they were happy and according to her, she would have definitely “grown old with him”. That makes me happy to know that. 🙂 I also asked her who I favored, her or him. She thought I favored him with the whole cooking thing and the obvious fact that I look like him, but she thought I favored her more in personality and intelligence. She also said that I am more like my grandmother than anything! The joke was, it’s like she never left us. Hehe!

So, that was my night last night and yes, some things ARE good to know. And now it is something I can let go of.