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It Has Begun!

YAY! I get to be LP29! I just finished my call and I’m in! This is very exciting and holds a LOT of promise for things that are going to be accomplished over the next 90 days. I ask in advance for your support, your understanding and your love during this time, as there may be times, like during the other two courses, where I felt like I couldn’t do it. I get to be a leader and a powerful one at that. Not only will this be quite the boon for my life, but it will profoundly affect the lives of my friends, family and the world at large. Right now, I am not going to speculate about anything and just be with it right now.

After this conference call at 9pm, I’m going to go help Percell with the laundry and then get to typing. Three months… and lots to do! *thumbs up*