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At The Movies: Team America World Police

Let’s start this review off with one statement: Trey Parker absolutely positively hates Alec Baldwin… and perhaps a greater part of the Film Actors Guild.

That said, Team America was extremely unusual film. To viewers of South Park, it probably wouldn’t seem terribly outside of the norm, but I don’t watch South Park. Clearly, this movie was meant as a political satire and as such, there were quite a few things that were over the top, such as the love interest part of the movie. It seemed so out of place for what they were trying to accomplish, but perhaps I am assuming there WAS something to accomplish.

The warnings were all true: this is NOT a movie for kids at all. Aside from the gratituous use of the F word (let’s just call it abuse, shall we?), there was of course the puppet sex scene. Words cannot describe how disturbing that was to watch. Granted, the idea behind it was hilarious, but seeing it was just… *shudder* Actually, I had a hard time laughing at a greater portion of the movie because it was so unbelievably crass. The score (and I shudder to use that word) was subpar at best and the best song was “America, F**k Yeah!”. Yes, the oversaturation of American icons and actions was actually the funniest part of the movie: flag colored aircrafts, clothing… using Mt. Rushmore as base of operations… comparing other countries in distance from America. Yeah.

So suffice it to say, if you’re looking for mindless and crass depictions of America and what they do with terrorists, as well as completely non-PC topics (like the spoof of Rent ala the AIDS song), look no further. I wonder though, what the Film Actors Guild had to say about this movie considering they didn’t consent to have their names or depictions used in this movie. For me, this will no doubt stay on the DVD rack when it comes out.