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The Essential Good Night’s Sleep

Tonight is the PD guest event! I’ll get to see my group after not being around them for about a week. I hope they are well. The next 3 days, I will need to take good care of myself and make sure I eat and get a very good night’s sleep. The IRS exam is tomorrow and frankly, if I don’t know it by now, there’s no point in trying to studying any further. I’ll hurt my head that way! LOL. But seriously, I am excited about taking it and I’ll make sure I keep my brain open and functioning during the exam. There may be a LOT of things I didn’t realize I knew… and it may come up during the test!

Already I’ve made a lot of progress on my website, which I’m very happy with, and now I’m taking this test. That reminds me! I need to find out if I registered for the JPLT test in December! I don’t recall if I did or not. Either way, I’m heading into work early because of a 2-hr meeting at 9am. It’s gonna be a long day, but I’ll make it through. 😀