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Long Day

Whoo! Man, am I tired. I’ve had a long day at work today and it was really busy. Actually I didn’t finish everything I was supposed to do; ran out of time cause I had my guitar lesson at 7:30pm. But I’m going in early tomorrow so that I can get things squared away before I start the Advanced course on Wednesday.

I meant to mention yesterday that Percell and I went on a picnic in Central Park near our neighborhood (Central Park North/110th Street) and had a dandy time! It was really nice and I hadn’t really been on a picnic since I was much younger. We climbed some rocks in the park — I was afraid of falling at first, but did it anyway. It was fun! Besides, how in the heck am I supposed to be a world adventurer if I can’t climb some silly rocks in Central Park, huh? That’s the goal. Oh, Percell is in Wisconsin right now! Yup, cow country!

The shocker for the day: my coworker Val cut her hair! And she looks so cute with short hair. It must be a weight off her head and less worry about hair issues. I’ll have to get a new picture of her.

Right now, I’m going to relax a bit, write a little and get some rest. I have a responsibility to take good care of myself and make sure I am fully rested for the next day.