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I ♥ The Spa!

God bless you, Percell! You knew what I needed before I even realized it. We both thank you! Today, my mom and I went to The Spa at Chelsea Piers and had a FANTABULOUS time! First, we got a Swedish Massage for about an hour by two very nice gentlemen (*GRIN*), then we got a Mineral Salt Body Scrub. That contained salt and grapeseed oil, and it made my skin OH so soft and sexay. THEN, we had a facial treatment and promptly afterward had lunch as part of the full day thing. It was a nice turkey wrap with brie and a large salad with yellow tomatoes and cucumbers with this awesome sauce I can’t quite remember the name of. To top off the day, we had a manicure and pedicure, so now my feet and nails look GREAT! 😀 Man, I had no idea it felt so nice to be pampered like that. I totally deserve it! Totally!! And damn it all, I smell good. *sniffs skin* Mmm, tasty! 😛 It was a great time and I’ll thoroughly do it again in the future.