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Complete and Moving Forward

Needless to say, the IRS 2-day exam is now complete! I’m so happy it’s over. We don’t get our results until about 3 months from now, but I’ll wait for them, no problem. Part 3 was very VERY difficult and a lot of things I simply didn’t know. I NEVER deal with corporations or estates and so on, but I needed to know it for the test. I did the best I could and that’s that.

Moving forward for me means getting back to writing. I put that on hold for about a week and a half so I could concentrate on the IRS exam. This book will not write itself and I have a commitment to fulfill. I also picked up the 2005 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market and I’m going to look through that right now for more opportunities to get my stuff out into the world. I know for a fact that I can pop out short stories with no major problem. It is all dependent on the subject matter. Also to be done is uploading and scanning some more pictures for Photography By Mika, which is coming along quite nicely so far.

On a more minute note, I cleaned out my closet a few minutes ago and I put away my suitcase. (I promised myself I would do this as soon as this test was over.) There’s also things to be sold on eBay that I’ve put off for AGES. I am going to do those as well.

Honestly, today I feel a little on edge. I went to bed last night with a lot on my mind and in my heart. Last night was the first night since I completed the Basic course at Personal Dynamics that I felt the pull back to the way I was before, getting frustrated and creating a situation where I was victimizing myself. But I resisted that pull and made a decision to not do that to myself. Granted, it felt a lot better once I returned to my focused, excited about accomplishing my goals self. And there were a lot of realizations I made last night and this morning, about myself and about my current relationship. I stand by my commitment to giving 100% to this relationship to make it work and I also have to be open to feedback during this phase of 100% givingness of what I may or may not be doing (or being). I also have to recognize that even when giving 100%, it may not be fully reciprocated. I will endeavor to reclarify my intentions should that happen, but there’s only so many times you can do that and have nothing but ambiguous results. Therein lies the whole question of risk and making a decision to leave or not. What am I willing to risk to have positive results in my life, and consequentially in the lives of those around me? It is food for thought… and feel.

Either way, I’m getting my butt moving! *opens Writer’s Market*