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At The Movies: The Forgotten

The Forgotten combines a parent’s worst fear and something more that they couldn’t possibly realize: losing a child and then forgetting they ever existed. The movie jumps right in and wastes no time giving you a sense of Telly Paretta’s (Julianne Moore) internal struggle to keep the memories of her son Sam alive, despite everything that seems to happen around her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie for a couple of reasons: 1) it made me jump in my seat exactly 3 times, all three very suspenseful and well executed, 2) the whole premise of forgetting one’s child — I just simply can’t imagine it!, and 3) although the performances weren’t amazing, they were appropriate for the type of movie it is. It kept you guessing as to what could be causing the constant memory loss… is it a government conspiracy? Or perhaps something more supernatural? You simply don’t know.

I was up in the air about what was really the cause of the disappearance and forgetfulness. Cool parts to look for: the 3 seat-jumpers (you’ll know them when they happen), the mysterious guy that appears everywhere and the good detective work from civilians (just my love of forensic science). There were a couple of things I just didn’t get: what was really behind everything (a definition IF there is one), Ash’s important but underused role in the movie and the plothole in the end about the husband. The ending seemed a bit rushed to me, but it was okay. Overall, the movie was quite good and if anything, see it once. It’s pretty cool AND it takes place in Downtown Brooklyn!! 😀 I love Brooklyn. 😛