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At The Movies: Hero

Although I’m quite late in seeing this movie, I felt the immediate need to say a few words about it. Hero, starring Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi, is completely in the tradition the astoundingly beautiful movie “Crouching Tiger…” and one could only be disappointed by the lack of depth in the storyline. The use of color and scenery was nothing short of stupendously beautiful and the fight scenes, particularly the opening fight, were well executed. The one thing I did like about this movie was the three perspectives it is viewed from. Though fatalistic in nature, Hero could have been much more dynamic in reinforcing the need for that stance.

Did I mention how awesome the colors were? *shakes head* I do wish that martial art films steered away from the need to be like “Crouching Tiger…” and create something equally unique. The movie is over two years old for heaven’s sake! Who knows what tricks they have up their sleeves at the moment in terms of new martial arts productions. One thing, it was quite interesting to hear Jet Li speak in his native tongue. And for the record, Zhang Ziyi is GORGEOUS!